YAML configuration file

I am following this site to set up my environment .

but its very silly to inform that i am unable to create e .yaml file . I created a notepad and saved as ,yaml extension . Then located it to OpenNMT-py/config/ folder.

But when running this command :
onmt_build_vocab -config toy_en_de.yaml -n_sample 10000

I got the following error :
onmt_build_vocab: error: File not found: toy_en_de.yaml

I am totally a newcomer to OpenNMT . so pls consider if i am asking anything silly.

Thanks in advance

The issue is probably with the path.
Where are you executing this command from? It should be from the same folder your file is in. Else, you can pass the whole path to the -config arg.
e.g. if your shell is in the OpenNMT-py folder:
onmt_build_vocab -config config/toy_en_de.yaml -n_sample 10000