With adding "--save_config" argument, onmt_train cannot continue--what's wrong and how to solve this?

Hi, I am a new user of OpenNMT. I recently used OpenNMT-py for my project. I tried to save the config file, so I added the argument “–save_config PATH” with onmt_train command. But it seems to me the config file can be saved correctly but the training just stopped. If I deleted the argument “–save_config PATH” and run onmt_train, the training process can continue. Is there any bug or anything wrong with my setting and procedures on using the argument “–save_config PATH”? Hope I can get some feedback and suggestions here. Thanks!

Hi there,
Do you get any explicit error trace when this is happening?

Hi, no explicit error reported…

This seems to be the expected behaviour of configargparse is_write_out_config_file_arg in fact: https://kite.com/python/docs/configargparse.add_argument

Thanks for the explanation