Upload, download and edit files through Putty with WinSCP

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to figure out how to upload, download and edit files through Putty with WinSCP.
I can’t see the data folder with WinSCP but I’m able to see it with Putty. I’m using the Amazon AMI.

  • How to use the data folder with WinSCP?
  • How to download, upload, and edit data folder from Putty?
  • How can I copy files from host directory to opennmt container


First of all, not sure if the forum is the best place to ask a putty-winSCP questions, as probably is not really related to OpenNTM. Also, let me say I am a newcomer to linux, so probably I am also not the best person to answer, so just to guess, my bits.

I have my linux setup for putty, and instead of using winSCP I have using the “pscp.exe” command to transfer files without any problems.

I have installed the WinSCP and I have been able to transfer files from my client to the linux box and from the linux box to my client. But not using Amazon AMI. Not sure if it makes any difference as the port for ssh is the same for the file transfer.

Once i have installed I can drag and drop. just for you info.

Maybe you can try “pscp.exe” or ask for help in the WinSCP or Amazon support community.

have a nice day
miguel canals


Hi Miguel,
thanks for your reply.
It looks like the data folder is not visible with WinSCP, whatever the protocol used to connect.
I can see it using Putty though.
However, it seems not possible to transfer files in and out through Putty command line. I installed pscp.exe and I now use it for Putty connection, but to no avail.
Not seeing the data folder in WinSCP doesn’t seem to be WinSCP issue but rather a OpenNMT issue.
Is it because I’m using the Amazon AMI?

Hi Huri,
Srry, i am a bit lost, not sure how I can provide additional help.

  • Have you been able to transfer any file in any directory with WinSCP or pscp.exe?
  • Not sure how you can reach a directory (your data directory) thru command line (putty) but not thru the download utility (pscp o WincSCP). Looks wierd…

Again, maybe I am lost because I have no idea about the Amazon AMI. Srry again. Maybe someone else can provide you more help!
Have a nice day
miguel canals