<unk> in predicted equations

Hi there,

I am trying to replicate im2text OpenNMT-py v1.0.0.rc1 using my own dataset (having images, and respective latex equations). I followed the exact steps as I did for 100K dataset provided in the documentation. The 100K dataset produced a BLEU score of ~87 while mine dataset produced ~0.72.
I made sure that my dataset is formatted in the exact fashion as of 100K dataset. What I have found is there are keyword in most of my predicted equations, which leads to a hypothesis that Vocab file I am using is not correct (I am using same Vocab.txt file provided in 100K dataset). I have also found that the “” file is way different and filled that that of 100K dataset. may I request you to suggest what should I do? Also Can anyone please explain me how this “” file is made? I am having problem in deciphering “Pytorch field” code used for this purpose.

Thanks in advance!

Dear Gaurav,

I am no expert in image to text, so I am just trying to help with regard to OpenNMT-py.

First of all, what is the size of your own dataset? Then, did you build a vocab for your own dataset? If not, then this is the reason for such difference. Again, you did not mention if you are just decoding, training, or fine-tuning.

The steps of image to text are explained here. Note though that they depend on the old version of OpenNMT-py, but they should still work.

As I said, I might not be able to help further with image to text, but I hope this gives you some direction.

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