Translation_server.lua crashes with core dump

I have gotten both the 0mq & REST servers to work running both natively and in Docker containers on my laptop. Not surprisingly, the 0mq is much faster than the REST version at present.

Even though it’s faster, it’s still quite slow on a single i7-6820HK (2.70GHz x 8) processor (I’m intentionally not using GPU here). Even with some optimization on the client end, it was taking just under 7 minutes to translate 1000 sentences.

I decided to copy the Dockerfile and model to a machine with a better CPU to run the server. The image and container created fine, and translation_server starts up fine. I’m able to send a message from a remote machine; the message is received, but then it crashes with the rather unhelpful message: Illegal instruction (core dumped).

Update: the core dump isn’t specific to server version. I attached to the container and tried to translate from CLI, and got the same error. :confused:

Update #2: must be a problem with the particular VM that the docker was running on. I spun up the container on a different (physical) machine, and it’s working fine.

You may have to try -beam_size 1 (default is 5) to make cpu mode much faster.