Translate All The Things! An Introduction to LibreTranslate - FOSDEM 2023

Natural language translation is an automated process in which text from one language (e.g. English) is translated to another (e.g. French). In this talk we introduce LibreTranslate, a FOSS package that combines state-of-the-art natural language processing algorithms, pre-trained language models and a simple RESTful API. LibreTranslate enables the addition of automated translation logic to third party applications and offers a FOSS alternative to proprietary translation services such as Google Translate or Yandex Translate. You can run it from your laptop, too! No data-center scale servers required.



He talks about CTranslate2 at 08:12.

Really cool, how can i add my own language into the model?

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LibreTranslate uses Argos Translate which is based on OpenNMT/CTranslate2. To use a custom model with Argos Translate you need to make a .argosmodel package, which is a zip archive containing the CTranslate2 model. Once you have an Argos Translate model you can install it on your LibreTranslate instance and it will appear in the API and web interface.