Training Speed on AWS p2.xlarge

Hi, I am training an english to french model on the CommonCrawl dataset with the pytorch implementation and the default options.

I am training it on 2 machines:

  • My Laptop with a i7, 32gb of Ram and a GTX 1050Ti (4Gb of Vram) : training speed ~2000 tok/sec
  • AWS p2.xlarge: Xeon, 60GB of Ram, Tesla K80 (12GB of Vram): training speed ~2000 tok/sec

It is very strange (especially considering the price of the AWS machine). Does anybody have an explanation?

The K80 is not particularly fast. There are now AWS instances with P100 cards; these are much faster. I did some benchmarking with the K80-powered p-series in the past, and your results are in line with my experiences.