Training OpenNMT-py

I have a question: if I put in my configuration file a corpus with only the path_src (other corpora also have the path_tgt), will this specific corpus be used for language modeling of the source language?

I f I understand your question correctly, the anwser is no, but maybe it would be easier if you explain what you would like to accomplish.


Dear Carmela,

If you use the regular Transformer configuration, this would result in an encoder-decoder model. However, most GPT-like models adopt a decoder-only architecture.

This is how you can build GPT-like models with OpenNMT-py. I tried this last year to build a small language model, and the results were promising.

Probably, you can also have a look at language models on Hugging Face, and try to fine-tune relatively small ones on Google Colab.

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