Traceback AssertionError while training in

Hello! I try to run on Vast Ai a small training package, but I get always this error after uploading the .argosdata package:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/argosopentech/env/bin/argos-train", line 7, in <module>
    exec(compile(, __file__, 'exec'))
  File "/home/argosopentech/argos-train/bin/argos-train", line 18, in <module>
    train.train(from_code, to_code, from_name, to_name, version, package_version, argos_version, data_exists)
  File "/home/argosopentech/argos-train/argostrain/", line 78, in train
    source, target =
  File "/home/argosopentech/argos-train/argostrain/", line 247, in data
    self.local_dataset = LocalDataset(filepath)
  File "/home/argosopentech/argos-train/argostrain/", line 152, in __init__
    assert len(dir_names) > 0
(env) argosopen

I follow this tutorial:


I tried with large 2M+ lines, and very small (500 lines) files, but the error is the same.

I checked more times everything:
target, source, json, etc.

Can you help me with any advice?

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We can’t help with that since the error is coming from argos-train and not from OpenNMT. Maybe you want to contact the author of this tool?

cc @argosopentech

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Ohh, thanks, Google took me here, I saw “argosopentech” replies in more topics :slight_smile:

I think the issue is that there’s no data available for that language, I’ll try to add a better error message.