Tds not found when running preprocess.lua

Hi, I do apologise if this question has been asked but I couldn’t see it anywhere.

When running OpenNMT’s preprocess.lua as shown on the website I get the error message below this message. The command ‘luarocks list’ shows that tds is not installed. The command luarocks install tds gives the following error message:

Warning: Failed searching manifest: Failed fetching manifest for - Failed downloading - /home/tel34/.cache/luarocks/https___raw.githubusercontent.com_rocks-moonscript-org_moonrocks-mirror_master/manifest

I have installed torch & OpenNMT precisely as instructed so I can’t be the only one to come across this. I’d be grateful if somebody could tell me how they resolved the issue. Thanks.

Message given on th preprocess.lua:

/home/tel34/torch/install/bin/luajit: /home/tel34/torch/install/share/lua/5.1/trepl/init.lua:389: /home/tel34/torch/install/share/lua/5.1/trepl/init.lua:389: /home/tel34/torch/install/share/lua/5.1/trepl/init.lua:389: /home/tel34/torch/install/share/lua/5.1/trepl/init.lua:389: module 'tds' not found:No LuaRocks module found for tds
	no field package.preload['tds']
	no file '/home/tel34/.luarocks/share/lua/5.1/tds.lua'
	no file '/home/tel34/.luarocks/share/lua/5.1/tds/init.lua'
	no file '/home/tel34/torch/install/share/lua/5.1/tds.lua'
	no file '/home/tel34/torch/install/share/lua/5.1/tds/init.lua'
	no file './tds.lua'
	no file '/home/tel34/torch/install/share/luajit-2.1.0-beta1/tds.lua'
	no file '/usr/local/share/lua/5.1/tds.lua'
	no file '/usr/local/share/lua/5.1/tds/init.lua'
	no file '/home/tel34/.luarocks/lib/lua/5.1/'
	no file '/home/tel34/torch/install/lib/lua/5.1/'
	no file '/home/tel34/torch/install/lib/'
	no file './'
	no file '/usr/local/lib/lua/5.1/'
	no file '/usr/local/lib/lua/5.1/'
stack traceback:
	[C]: in function 'error'
	/home/tel34/torch/install/share/lua/5.1/trepl/init.lua:389: in function 'require'
	preprocess.lua:1: in main chunk
	[C]: in function 'dofile'
	...el34/torch/install/lib/luarocks/rocks/trepl/scm-1/bin/th:150: in main chunk
	[C]: at 0x00406670

Hello! the issue is indeed that the tds library is missing and it is what luarocks install tds should do.

It seems that this is similar to the issue reported here. Can you check that you can access the manifest from your server and try the solution they propose:

sudo rm -rf ~/.cache/luarocks

let us know!

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Hello Jean,
Thanks for that.
sudo rm -rf ~/.cache/luarocks does indeed do the job and preprocess.lua
has just run successfully. Now I can move forward :slight_smile:

thanks jean. It worked for me