Strange behaviour of rest_translation_server.lua

I have just installed OpenNMT v0.7 release. Using “curl” to send a message I get back a translation so the server is definitely working. However, in my (Java) client I get an “index out of bounds” error message and when printing out the returned string I get merely “[]”, which suggests the server is sending back an empty string. This client has worked beautifully until now and is used by colleagues without problems. Before I start putting in print commands to see what’s happening I was wondering if anyone has come across this. Has the syntax of the returned JSON changed?

I don’t know what version you had earlier, but did you notice the change in the syntax. Read the top of the file. This was done for batch input.

Thanks. Will run a file comparison tomorrow - I’ve had some liquid refreshment now :slight_smile:

Spotted that in the clear light of day and got it all working OK on my test bench. Now I have to update the distributed clients!