Some Argos Translate updates

I’ve been working on Argos Translate 2 in the v2 branch but I’m planning to stay on 1.X for at least a decent while. I’ve done some experimenting with OpenNMT-py v3 but I think I’m going to keep using v2 until I release Argos Translate 2.0 for compatibility . I’m pretty happy with the current version (1.7) and have been focusing more on model training than upgrades to the core Python library.

I’m considering releasing a version 1.8 with some minor upgrades and new features including:

  • Support for upgrading packages by checking if there’s a newer version of the same package and installing it if available
  • Deleting the .argosmodel package files in ~/.local/cache/argos-translate after they’ve been unzipped and installed

I’d appreciate any feedback on these ideas or other possible features!

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