Server for ctranslate2 using OpenNMT-tf models? (not OpenNMT-py)

Hi, on the ctranslate2 page, there is this Q/A:

“Q: Do you provide a translation server? A: The OpenNMT-py REST server is able to serve CTranslate2 models. See the code integration to learn more.
Simple OpenNMT-py REST server

Question: Is there a version of this for OpenNMT-tf instead of OpenNMT-py? Or any code for serving ctranslate2 at inference time?


The CTranslate2 integration in the OpenNMT-py server accepts any CTranslate2 model. So it is possible to convert an OpenNMT-tf model to CTranslate2 and then use the OpenNMT-py server.

thank you!