SentencePieceTokenizer is not in list of accepted tokenizers

When converting my trained checkpoint into a SavedModel, I am getting an error message that SentencePieceTokenizer is not an acceptable tokenizer. However, I am pretty confident that in the past I did manage to make SentencePiece part of the model’s graph.

Current version: OpenNMT-tf 2.27.1

Error message:

ValueError: SentencePieceTokenizer is not in list of accepted tokenizers: CharacterTokenizer, OpenNMTTokenizer, SpaceTokenizer

Here is the tokenizers’ parameters in the data section of the config file:

    type: SentencePieceTokenizer
      model: /src/xp/model_1/vocabs/src-bpe.sp.40k.model
    type: SentencePieceTokenizer
      model: /src/xp/model_1/vocabs/tgt-bpe.sp.40k.model

You should install the optional package tensorflow-text.

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tensorflow-text does solve the issue. In my case though, the culprit was installing tensorflow using conda. If tensorflow is installed via conda, then tensorflow-text cannot be imported properly.
I solved it by installing tensorflow via pip, not conda.