Retraining a pretrained model in OpenNMT-py


I’d like to refine (retrain) the 2-layer LSTM with copy attention for summarization in OpenNMT-py. I’m unclear if I have to start training over. I’ve seen this, but is that only for Lua? I’m new to PyTorch. I’ve downloaded the model,, how do you get the vocabulary out to do your model training? I don’t need to change the model architecture or the vocabulary; I’m just not sure about the steps. I don’t have easy access to a GPU.

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You can load and have a look inside it without a GPU.

import torch
checkpoint = torch.load(<>, map_location="cpu")

This is a simple dictionary, and the vocab is stored under the key 'vocab'.
So, you can dump it in a separate file:['vocab'], <>).
Once you have this vocab file, you can preprocess your data with / onmt_preprocess passing this vocab file to the -src_vocab opt.
Finally, you can use -train_from in the / onmt_train command to start from the pretrained checkpoint.

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Wonderful! Thank you!