Python version not documented

What version of Python is OpenNMT developed in? I’ve looked in the documentation but can’t find it anywhere and I can’t really tell by looking at the code. I’m getting errors running the PyTorch version on Windows with Python 3.6.

The goal is to support all Python versions that the framework (here PyTorch) supports. They are usually specific things to do for Windows. You can open an issue on GitHub with steps to reproduce.

That’s a great idea, except that when I go to GitHub to download Python code for PyTorch, I still need to know which version of Python the code is written for so I can select the right code base for my Python environment. But right now, I can’t tell what it is. I’m requesting that all Python code be explicitly labeled with its Python version, or that specific branches be created in GitHub by version. There’s no repro for this issue; just a request for something that is missing.

You can choose whatever PyTorch package you want and the same code is expected to work with it. If not, an issue should be opened.