Pretrained embedding for OpenNMT-py

I want to use pretrained embeddings by using Doc link : but running this ./tools/ -emb_file_both “glove_dir/glove.6B.100d.txt” \ -dict_file “data/” \ -output_file “data/embeddings” gives this error “ error: the following arguments are required: -emb_file_enc, -emb_file_dec”.

What are -emb_file_enc, -emb_file_dec? how I can generate emb_file_enc and emb_file_dec? I have only three files after preprocessing,, . I would appreciate for any suggestions,


Hello, ! Probably, first you have to setup the system by running " install" in “OpenNMT-py” directory.
$ python build
$ python install

or check the path.

work command(example):
python3 …/…/tools/ -emb_file_both “…/ko_embedding/ko.vec” -dict_file ./ -output_file “./embeddings”