Parallel Text Corpora


My name is Dmitry. I’ve been working as a Russian-English-Russian translator for 10+ years. I have a large English-Russian parallel corpus of texts (2,301,303 segments) which I’ve been building for several years and keep adding new texts to it. If you’re interested in it, please check out the summary of this corpus:

  • newspaper articles – English-Russian translations of the leading world newspapers’ articles about Russia posted on

  • IT texts – multilingual versions of the following websites: Microsoft, Google, Facebook, etc.

  • Forex trading texts – educational articles, news and analytics, brokers’ websites, legal docs and manuals

You can learn more details including the number of segments contained in each thematic text corpus by downloading the file -

My high-quality text corpus can make your product even better and assist you in gaining benefits and ranking high in your niche.

If you’re interested in these corpora, do drop me a personal message via the forum and specify your affordable price range for the standard unit (20,000 segments).

I can build parallel text corpuses based on any sources (websites, books, etc.) in major European languages as well.

I will be happy to answer any of your questions!

Best regards,