Out of memory when translating?

When translating a big file, I get this error:

THCudaCheck FAIL file=/tmp/luarocks_cutorch-scm-1-6777/cutorch/lib/THC/generic/THCStorage.cu line=66 error=2 : out of memory
/home/dev8/torch/install/bin/luajit: ./onmt/translate/Beam.lua:128: cuda runtime error (2) : out of memory at 
stack traceback:
	[C]: in function 'gather'
	./onmt/translate/Beam.lua:128: in function 'func'
	./onmt/utils/Tensor.lua:12: in function 'recursiveApply'
	./onmt/utils/Tensor.lua:7: in function 'selectBeam'
	./onmt/translate/Beam.lua:407: in function '_nextState'
	./onmt/translate/Beam.lua:395: in function '_nextBeam'
	./onmt/translate/BeamSearcher.lua:116: in function '_findKBest'
	./onmt/translate/BeamSearcher.lua:68: in function 'search'
	./onmt/translate/Translator.lua:251: in function 'translateBatch'
	./onmt/translate/Translator.lua:337: in function 'translate'
	translate.lua:101: in function 'main'
	translate.lua:182: in main chunk
	[C]: in function 'dofile'
	...dev8/torch/install/lib/luarocks/rocks/trepl/scm-1/bin/th:150: in main chunk
	[C]: at 0x00405d50

I never get this error before. The only real difference with many previous experiments is the language ZH to EN. This model is a 2x1000 with embeddings size 200. It was a fast 5 epochs built over 7M MultiUN sentences. It’s a 64G RAM machine, with GTX1080Ti 11G. I don’t see a reason why this out of memory occur.

The error seems in the beam code. I can keep a low quality result. So I’m now trying with beam_size=1 (no special parameter was used when the error occurred). Of course, it’s faster. Hope this will run till the end…

Hi Etienne, first time I see that too. on which version are you running it? would it be possible to put model and minimal test set to reproduce somewhere?

Hi Etienne,
What was the rationale for choosing 2x1000? I’m interested in correlating difference model configurations with translation quality.

Hi Jean,

As soon as my GPU will be free again, I will try to reproduce on an isolated sentence.

Hi Terence,

When started with ONMT few months ago, I did some tests with different kinds of configurations. Two layers with 1000 cells provided me good results on 2 or 3 M sentences. I’m using this configuration since that. But, this is not a strong motivated choice. Now, with a bit more experience, I have to test again some others. I hope I will be able to get more GPU in a near future…


What version are you using again?

I’m using ONMT V0.6.0

By chance I succeeded in reproducing the problem with a short input file. All is here to test:

I was simply translating with the replace_unk option, on a GTX1080Ti card.

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That is actually really helpful. I reproduced the issue and will look into it.

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The sentence at line 33 in your file is gigantic though. We don’t enforce a limit on the source side as it would be very arbitrary, but 5000+ words is certainly too much.

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It’s from the MultiUN data set. I already filtered it with several rules. I should also add a constraint about the size…

PS: of course, the long line could have been filtered. But, crashing is not a good behaviour from ONMT translator. The whole file was translated properly with beam_size=1. Suggestion : have a size threshold, like 200 words, and for each line larger than this threshold use beam_size=1 to translate safely.

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