Opennmt-tf not recognizing GPU

I am training english-finnish language from WMT-2018 site, but when i try to train i get GPU ran out of memory trying to allocate 4.86GB, which is not possible as i have a 16GB GPU installed.
YAML file

save_checkpoints_steps: 1000

maximum_features_length: 50

maximum_labels_length: 50

batch_size: 4096

max_step: 500000

save_summary_steps: 100


external_evaluators: BLEU

export_format: saved_model


average_loss_in_time: true


batch_size: 32

command line
!onmt-main --model_type Transformer --config data.yaml --auto_config train --with_eval
log file

Can you make the log file public? I think only you can access this file at the moment.

Dear Guillaume

i have made it public

Thank you

2022-04-03 08:35:58.224000: I] Initialized source input layer:
2022-04-03 08:35:58.224000: I] - vocabulary size: 32001
2022-04-03 08:35:58.224000: I] - special tokens: BOS=no, EOS=no
2022-04-03 08:35:59.479000: I] Initialized target input layer:
2022-04-03 08:35:59.479000: I] - vocabulary size: 320001
2022-04-03 08:35:59.479000: I] - special tokens: BOS=yes, EOS=yes

The target vocabulary size is 320k which is 10 times bigger than the source vocabulary. You probably configured an incorrect size when building the target vocabulary.