OpenNMT-tf: cannot see translation result during testing


I’m trying to run the OpenNMT for a dataset on Tagalog and English. I added a parallel corpus in the data folder and changed the configurations on the config/data yml. The training went okay but when I tried to run and translate the src-test set it doesn’t give me any output. No translation is showing.


What command did you run for translating?


I was able to run it already. I added the --predictions_file command to print the translations in a file.

I initially used this command for translating:
python -m bin.main infer --config config/opennmt-defaults.yml config/data/philmt.yml --features_file data/philmt/src-test.txt

Thank you so much. :wink:

I am planning to use OpenNMT to develop an MT system for Philippine languages. I hope i’ll be able to do it. :slight_smile: