OpenNMT-tf 2.0 release

I’m pleased to announce the release of OpenNMT-tf 2.0!

The primary goal of this first major update is to use the new features and practices introduced by TensorFlow 2.0.

OpenNMT-tf 2.0 is the result of several months of planning and work. In my (biased) opinion, the changes are largely positive: the implementation is simpler, more consistent, and more modular. In particular, we carefully defined and documented a stable public API with many components that can be easily reused in other projects, from dataset utilities to beam search decoding.

I invite you to take a look at the changes and give it a try!

Note: As a major release, several breaking changes were introduced. If you don’t want to make the transition just yet, you can always freeze your version to OpenNMT-tf v1 (e.g. with OpenNMT-tf==1.* in your requirements.txt file). We will still push important bug fixes to the v1 line if needed.


Thank you for the release, it looks great! Can we still somehow find the documentation for previous versions (or at least 1.x latest?). I can only see version 2 on the official site:

Good question.

At this time we don’t have a versioned website. You should browse the GitHub repository directly, e.g.:

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