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OpenNMT & R : A new package?

Hello everyone, I would like to use OpenNMT in or with R… What are your best advices? Could it be possible to build a specific R package ? How to begin? Thank you very much for your help !


What are looking to do exactly?

If it is just about running pretrained models, you could look into building a package around CTranslate2 which is a C++ inference engine with few dependencies:

Right now, I have no experience in machine translation… My objective is to translate Wikipedia pages in different languages inside R to keep a maximum of statistical functionalities… Right now, I do not know yet exactly how to call OpenNMT from R. There are some package to link R and Python or C++ but I’m just in the beginning of the project and it would be great to benefit from all of your advices to avoid lost of time… Thank you very much for your help !

An option :