OpenNMT-py Pre-trained Models


So I have published the latest versions of my in-domain OpenNMT-py models. You can download the models at:



Hey Yasmin,
thank you very much!
What do you mean with “For internal use only” as license?

Greetings Kalle

Dear Kalle,

You are welcome!

I assume examples of good use of these models include:

  • A translator or company translating documents for themselves or for their clients.
  • A researcher who wants to get a quick result (with citation).

On the other hand, here are some examples of “bad” usage:

  • Selling or redistribution of these models
  • Shipping into a product
  • Passing a school assignment

I completely understand this might be common sense and yet adhering to this rule is not guaranteed. However, during my work at companies and my mentoring tasks for junior employees and students, I realized in several cases I had to highlight common sense rules, and sometimes this helped.

I hope this answered your question.

Kind regards,

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An excellent contribution. Thank you!

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