OpenNMT-py model Zoo?


thanks for making OpenNMT!

As you might have read on the other thread, I’m working on bringing OpenNMT translations to LibreOffice. One big question there is how to get models to the user. We do have some the example models and EN->DE seems to work great for me. I wonder, however, whether one could go one step further and package a little machine-readable description of how to use the model with it. We could also use it in

As there is the REST server’s JSON configuration, maybe splitting out the part describing the model into a file with a fixed name and adding it to the model’s archive would be all there is needed.
Would it be possible to add something like that to the downloads?

I’d be happy to help with creating the files, but I’m not sure I can submit them via a PR. I’d also send a PR for adapting the REST server and if it’s a desirable feature.

Best regards and thanks again!