OpenNMT-py 3 Better Transformer

Does the new version of OpenNMT-py (3) includes new PyTorch 1.12 Better Transformer (A BetterTransformer for Fast Transformer Inference | PyTorch) that accelerates inference time?

As far as I know the new version does not include these layers.

@vince62s Any plans to integrate the nn.modules listed in this blog post?

Note that OpenNMT-py models can be converted to CTranslate2 which is our take on accelerated inference. CTranslate2 already implements these optimizations, and more!

While working on v3.0 I tested extensively with the implementation of this function

but it did not bring any improvement compared to our implementation which already optimized.

However, the rigth anwser is: CTranslate2 is the best inference solution at this time for any kind of transformer model.