OpenNMT pc specs

I’m embarking on a PhD and wanting to use OpenNMT but it’s not easy to find out what computer specs I would need. Can anyone advise what processor, ram and graphics card I would need to train data on OpenNMT?


Depends on what you are going to work on.

It says I will need 4-8gb graphics card for medium-sized MT or 12-16gb for a
full-scale project. As its for a PhD I should imagine it will be upto 8gb. I looked around and it will be around £2 for a pc with 8gb or £4k for 11gb. Why does it need a graphics card? I am new to this. Just finished an MA which was theory based but the PhD is putting it into practice by training an MT engine and have no idea on the specs needed. Buying a pc is going to be hard enough never mind one which needs a high-end graphics card.

Hi Sarah, Just to get the hang of things you can work through the Quick Start with an off-the-shelf PC using the CPU. For the toy models that doesn’t take too long - even with OpenNMT-tf - but you will get a feeling for how things work although the predictions will be terrible. If you’re strapped for cash, you could try training in the cloud on AWS (Amazon Web Services), something I’m sure many of the members of this forum do.

That’s really helpful thank you so much.