Onmt_train error : The following commands are required: -data/--data

Hello there,

I have successfully completed data preparation using the command :
onmt_build_vocab -config toy_en_de.yaml -n_sample 10000

for training , my config file looks like



Vocabulary files that were just created

src_vocab: run/example.vocab.src
tgt_vocab: run/example.vocab.tgt

Train on a single GPU

world_size: 1
gpu_ranks: [0]

Where to save the checkpoints

save_model: run/model
save_checkpoint_steps: 500
train_steps: 1000
valid_steps: 500

Note : my current directory is “/home/dhar/toy-ende”

run folde contains the following

now i run the following command for training
onmt_train -config toy_en_de.yaml

then i got the following error
onmt_train: error: the following arguments are required: -data/–data

I think i can clearly explain where i am facing problem !!

Thanks beforehand !!

Same as https://github.com/OpenNMT/OpenNMT-py/issues/1871

The data part of the configuration is also required in the training configuration file. That’s what the ... are supposed to mean in the quickstart: append the train config to the build_vocab one. We might need to change this to something more explicit.