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NotFoundError for Tensorflow addons when evaluating model

OpenNMT-tf 2.8.0
tensorflow 2.1.0
tensorflow-addons 0.8.3

When following the quickstart guide in the openNMT-tf documentation, I get this error when it gets to the evaluation:

NotFoundError: c:\users\owen\anaconda3\envs\tf-gpu\lib\site-packages\tensorflow_addons\custom_ops\seq2seq\ not found

Is there something wrong with my versioning? It seems correct.

EDIT: I looked, and exists in that directory. This error makes even less sense now.

How did you install it exactly? Did you use Anaconda?

I used Anaconda on Windows 10. Started a new virtualenv. Installed tensorflow-gpu with pip, then installed OpenNMT-tf with pip.

I used Docker instead and it worked. Must have been a versioning problem.