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Nmt-wizard-docker for OpenNMT-tf V2

Hi, Are the developers able to give an indication when the nmt-wizard-docker will be released for OpenNMT-tf V2? Although I have started building models with V2, for production I am serving V1 models in a virtual environment with the wizard which is a very valuable tool for me.

It will hopefully happen next month.

Note that because TensorFlow removed tf.contrib in 2.0, V1 SavedModel will not be serveable with this new image. Here are some possible options:

  • Export a V1 checkpoint with OpenNMT-tf 2.x
  • Use a previous version of the image for V1 models

Thanks for that info @guillaumekln

For reference, the changes are on master:

However, we won’t build new images until next year. You can try it out by building the image manually:

docker build -t nmtwizard/opennmt-tf -f frameworks/opennmt_tf/Dockerfile .

Thank you @guillaumekln. Will come in handy in the New Year. I’m currently working with TensorFlow 2.0. Happy Christmas :slight_smile: