My first step with OpenMT-lua

I started with OpenNMT and I follow the quickstart in the documentation. All the demo files are available, I start the training with
th train.lua -data data/demo-train.t7 -save_model demo-model
It runs a long time. After finish I want to start to translate the file as descriped in the Quickstart.
th translate.lua -model demo-model_epochX_PPL.t7 -src data/src-test.txt -output pred.txt

Now my problem is the file demo-model_epochX_PPL.t7. It is not on my Computer. I have 13 files like demo-model_epoch1_4863.50.t7,…, demo-model_epoch13_943.20.t7

I can start the translation with demo-model_epoch13_943.20.t7, but the result in pred.txt is senseless.
I can’t see any mistake on my side. Do you have an idea how to get the file demo-model_epochX_PPL.t7

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Hi @Norbert,

the demo-model_epochX_PPL.t7 means that the file name is demo-model_epochX_PPLVALUE.t7. So, the demo-model_*.t7 files you have are exactly the model files you need to use to translate.

Regarding to the quality of the translation, the perplexity value of your model is quite high (943,20), so it is expectable to obtain low quality translations using it.
I would try to train the model more epochs or increase the amount of data in order to improve the translation quality.

Good luck!

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Hi Eva,

thank you for your answer. Now it is more clear for me.


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