Multi function REST API

This has been discussed somehow in other threads but not in detail.

I think it would be useful to start a REST API layer to support various functionalities.

  • obviously the “translate” function (as supported now in the zmq server - but zmq only supports this one)

  • get model “info” (topology, vocab info ?)

  • “adapt” by passing additional text. Since we can update almost in real-time, it could be useful for adaptive MT.

  • “evaluate” which could be useful to get BLEU score based on a test set and therefore know if a model is appropriate before actually using it.

does this go beyond the scope of the project or not ?


Hi Vincent! It is definitely in the scope of the project! I am currently working on unification of train/translate in a single server - evaluate is a bit different since it is not an intrinsic feature. Do you have a proposition for a specific API?

in case this helps:

Hi Jean,

I just wanted to check if this was finally made. I’m very interested in training and translating using the same server but I don’t want to reinvent the wheel.



we did not do this. Developments on Lua were more or less stopped.

Thanks for the replay Vincent. I’ll look into it myself and try to contribute once I’m done.