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MLflow to Opennmt-tf

Hi all,
I try to implement MLflow tracking for OpenNMT-tf. It consists of tracking training variables such as loss and validation BLEU. I was wondering if someone attains it. I am not able to access the variables during training.


What are you trying do exactly?

TensorBoard also tracks training and evaluation metrics. Isn’t it what you are looking for?

Thanks for reply.
I know tensorboard but MLflow allows to create set of experiments and compare them. Also It is more customizable. You can store there all results, parameters and metrics of each experiment.

Here are some pointers.

Training stats are logged here:

Evaluation stats are logged here:

I would to avoid OpenNMT forking due to frequent updates but if there is no mode to get metrics during training directly from opennmt.Runner(), I will implement it in OpenNMT code.