Migrating NMTBig models to V2

What is the most straightforward way to make NMTBig models adapted to tensorflow 2.0 ?


Do you want to load a NMTBig checkpoint with V2 or are you looking to define a model with the same architecture as NMTBig?

Thanks for the clarification question. I have a number of trained NMTBig models and am curious how to make them loadable/runnable in tensorflow 2.0.

I’m working to provide an upgrade path for these models.

Awesome! That’s definitely going to be helpful. Thank you, Guillaume!

This commit on master adds the compatibility models NMTSmallV1, NMTMediumV1, and NMTBigV1. Checkpoints trained with OpenNMT-tf V1 will be automatically upgraded on load, so it should just work.

You would still need to adapt your usage to V2: https://github.com/OpenNMT/OpenNMT-tf/blob/master/docs/v2_transition.md

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