Loss not reducing in opennmt-tf

I have been training a Transformer model on opennmt-tf, but the loss doesnot seem to reduce even after almost 316000 step, and also the BLEU score is not improving. I am using a dataset containing almost 3.5m training pairs

Can you post the full training log?

I am using google colab and i dont have any log files

Can you provide more information then? The command line you used, the training and model configurations, the current loss and BLEU values, etc.

  1. Command line: !onmt-main --model_type Transformer --config data.yaml --auto_config train --with_eval
  2. Training config:
    save_checkpoints_steps: 1000
    maximum_features_length: 50
    maximum_labels_length: 50
    batch_size: 4096
    external_evaluators: BLEU
    dropout: 0.3
    average_loss_in_time: true
    batch_size: 32
  3. Model:I am using the transformer model from opennmt documentation
    4.Current Loss: 2.26
  4. Bleu score: 10.4
    I am running a validation after every 5000 steps, but the model loss is not converging

I suggest removing the dropout parameter from your configuration. The default dropout values should work well.

ok i will try doing that

One question though is that the reason why the loss is not converging?

It’s one possible reason.