"keep_checkpoint_max" in eval parameters group?

I was wondering if I’m missing here something or not.

I can see the keep_checkpoint_max: n variable in train parameters group but I was wondering if that can used under eval group of parameters? I’m evaluating every steps: 5000 and exporting a model with export_on_best: bleu. As my training continues, now I have like 10-15 of about ~300MB size model folders from exports. So, I’m wondering if there’s any way perhaps I can limit this same as what we have with train keep_checkpoint_max!

Is there anything I’m missing here? I think it would be convenient to only keep last n copies of model exports from disk space point of view. Thoughts?

Good point. The number of exported models is currently not limited.

The PR below is adding the parameter max_exports_to_keep in the eval section. The default value is set to 5:

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