Is it possible to override beam_width on command line?

I’m trying to generate outputs with multiple beam widths for evaluation. For that, I’m trying to override beam_width on the command line. Is that possible? What I’ve tried so far:

$ onmt-main --config ../from-esv-2sim.yaml --checkpoint_path model/avg/ckpt-76000 --auto_config infer --beam_width 4 --features_file src1 src2 src3
onmt-main: error: unrecognized arguments: --beam_width 4

$ onmt-main --beam_width 4 --config ../from-esv-2sim.yaml --checkpoint_path model/avg/ckpt-76000 --auto_config infer --features_file src1 src2 src3
onmt-main: error: argument run_type: invalid choice: '4' (choose from 'train', 'eval', 'infer', 'export', 'score', 'average_checkpoints', 'update_vocab')

No, it is not possible. All hyperparameters should be defined in the configuration file.

Alternatively you could easily build around the high-level Runner class. See this example: