Is it possible to convert a ctranslate model backward to a marian model?

Hello dear community!
One can convert a model trained with Marian to a ctranslate2 format. Is it possible to make backward conversion? For example, I’ve got a model trained with OpenNMT-tf and converted it to ctranslate2_int8 format. How can I convert the ctranslate2_int8 model to Marian format model? Is it possible?
Many thanks in advance!

no you can’t.

but why would you ?

ctranslate2 is the fastest solution out there :slight_smile:

Vincent, thanks you for replying!
Yes, ctranslate is faster. I just wanted to play a bit with inference in Marian using a trained model in OpenNMT-tf and thought may there be a way to convert it for Marian :upside_down_face: