Is coverage loss supported?

I see that one of the train options is to use coverage loss (lambda_coverage) based on the See et al (2017) paper. However, I don’t see where this is implemented and I don’t see any changes in my training when I use this option. I am using the transformer model.
Is it currently supported?

@pltrdy Could you comment on that? Thanks.

My guess is that it is not supported (I haven’t located the use of lambda_coverage in the code).
I ended up using the coverage_penalty in the translate function (which I am not sure if it is supposed to do the same) as well as the block_ngram_repeat option but they were not helpful for my data.

Thank you anyway!

Hi @elen, sorry for the late reply (more used to answer to github issues tho).

The coverage loss is actually implemented, see e.g. which is suppose to implement See (2017) covloss, i.e. Capture d’écran de 2019-12-12 12-21-21

My bad, I was using a previous version. Thank you very much.