Installing OpenNMT-tf on Tesla T4

Hi, Iʻve been struggling to install OpenNMT-tf on my Tesla T4 EC2 GPU instance.
Either itʻs CUDA, or cuDNN, or Tensorflow that are not compatible. Itʻs been three days now and I would need technical help on what setup I need for CUDA, cuDNN, Tensorflow, etc. to be able to install OpenNMT-py v3.4.3 on my T4.
Any help welcome,

Some people took the time to write those lines, so please take the time to read them.

Hi Vince, sorry about the confusion, I am using OpenNMT-tf.
Iʻve made the changes in my question. Thank you for pointing that out.


Here are a few suggestions:

  • Make sure you create and use a new virtual environment. This way, you can isolate your Python’s package installations.
  • If you are loading the EC2 instance with pre-installed OS or software, try different versions.
  • If you are running small tests, you can try Google Colab instead.
  • It always helps to mention the errors you experience. Otherwise, it is difficult to predict the issues you encounter.

All the best!

Hi Yasmin. I was able to set up OpenNMT on my T4.
I was not able to use the latest software for Tensorflow, CUDA and cuDNN.
Hereʻs the setup that worked for me:

  • CUDA 11.7
  • cuDNN 8.5
  • Tensorflow 2.10 installed in a virtual environment
    Iʻm just wondering when will openNMT be available to work with Tensorflow 2.14.