Implement translate command using OpenNMT-py code

I’m trying to implement the following command using code. I’d like to do some over processing with what translate returns ie trans.log(0). Ultimately I want to get the following code to work:

for batch in data_iter:
    trans_batch = translator.translate_batch(
        batch=batch, src_vocabs=[src_vocab],
    translations = builder.from_batch(trans_batch)
    for trans in translations:

Below is the command that I use from the command line:

onmt_translate -model -src data/test.txt -output data/pred.txt -gpu 0 --n_best 1

I’m working off the example from here but I’ve having a hard time filling in the correct code. I’d like to translate the file data/test.txt but I’m struggling to get that to work with the onmt.inputters.Dataset. The format of the data/test.txt is below:

this is a sentence to translate
Will we go play today?
Is it snowing outside?

I’ve tried loading that into src_data from the code:

src_data = {"reader": onmt.inputters.str2reader["text"](), "data": src_val}
tgt_data = {"reader": onmt.inputters.str2reader["text"](), "data": tgt_val}
_readers, _data = onmt.inputters.Dataset.config(
    [('src', src_data), ('tgt', tgt_data)])
dataset = onmt.inputters.Dataset(
    vocab_fields, readers=_readers, data=_data,

So then I’d be able to create the dataset object so I can work with the rest of the code.