How to run the translation server on the Docker Image


When I sent a request to the downloaded docker image using curl I get an empty response from the server. So from the link “” I am trying to run following commands in order to check if the curl return an response .

  1. luarocks install restserver-xavante
  2. th tools/rest_translation_server.lua -model …/Recipes/baseline-1M-enfr/exp/model-baseline-1M-enfr_epoch13_3.44.t7 -gpuid 1 -host … -port -case_feature -bpe_model …
  3. curl -v -H “Content-Type: application/json” -X POST -d ‘[{ “src” : “Hello World” }]’ http://IP_address:7784/translator/translate

I am struck in the 2nd command above Please assist with the below

I am trying to run the following command, but unable t find the value for the options:
th tools/rest_translation_server.lua -model …/Recipes/baseline-1M-enfr/exp/model-baseline-1M-enfr_epoch13_3.44.t7 -gpuid 1 -host … -port -case_feature -bpe_model

I am unable to find the model value and bpe_model value in the above command…
Could someone please assist me to find this ?

I guess I am in the correct path of running a translation server .
Please clarify if the order of commands to run the translation server is correct ?

I also assume that empty response from the translation server could be resolved by the above steps

Thank You,

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