How to automatically make sentence alignment in unsupervised way?

I have got some aligned passages, and I want to automatically extract sentences from it. Is there any tools that I could use?

I’m a little confused by the question. “Aligned passages” suggests the alignment is done; I’m going to assume this means parallel data that you’d like to align.

If you’re looking for a way to automatically align sentences in parallel corpora, hunalign has proven useful.

If you already have sentences aligned and are looking for word alignment, consider fast_align or mgiza++.

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Yes, I’m looking for some tools to align sentences in parallel corpora. Sorry for my poor English and thank you for your help.

some align tools:
Champollion Tool Kit:

Microsoft Bilingual Sentence Aligner:

but I think it’s best to write an alignment script for yourself.

Thank you for your help and advice, I have tried to write a script myself, but it doesn’t work well, that’s why I’m here to find the other solution.