How can i use custom tokenizer in opennmt translation training

I’m tring to transformer for translation with opennmt-py.
And I already have the tokenizer trained by sentencepiece(unigram).
But I don’t know how to use my custom tokenizer in training config yaml
I’m refering the site of opennmt-docs (
Here are my code and the error

# original_ko_en.yaml
## Where is the vocab(s)
src_vocab: /workspace/tokenizer/t_50k.vocab
tgt_vocab: /workspace/tokenizer/t_50k.vocab

# Corpus opts:
       path_src: /storage/genericdata_basemodel/train.ko
       path_tgt: /storage/genericdata_basemodel/train.en
       transforms: [sentencepiece]
       weight: 1
       path_src: /storage/genericdata_basemodel/valid.ko
       path_tgt: /storage/genericdata_basemodel/valid.en
       transforms: [sentencepiece]

#### Subword
src_subword_model: /workspace/tokenizer/t_50k.model
tgt_subword_model: /workspace/tokenizer/t_50k.model
src_subword_nbest: 1
src_subword_alpha: 0.0
tgt_subword_nbest: 1
tgt_subword_alpha: 0.0

# filter
# src_seq_length: 200
# tgt_seq_length: 200

# silently ignore empty lines in the data
skip_empty_level: silent

# Train on a single GPU
world_size: 1
gpu_ranks: [0]

# General opts
save_model: /storage/models/opennmt_v1/opennmt
keep_checkpoint: 100
save_checkpoint_steps: 10000
average_decay: 0.0005
seed: 1234
train_steps: 500000
valid_steps: 20000
warmup_steps: 8000
report_every: 1000

# Model
decoder_type: transformer
encoder_type: transformer
layers: 6
heads: 8
word_vec_size: 512
rnn_size: 512
transformer_ff: 2048
dropout: 0.1
label_smoothing: 0.1

# Optimization
optim: adam
adam_beta1: 0.9
adam_beta2: 0.998
decay_method: noam
learning_rate: 2.0
max_grad_norm: 0.0
normalization: tokens
param_init: 0.0
param_init_glorot: 'true'
position_encoding: 'true'

# Batching
batch_size: 4096
batch_type: tokens
accum_count: 8
max_generator_batches: 2

# Visualization
tensorboard: True
tensorboard_log_dir: /workspace/runs/onmt1

and When I typing < onmt_train -config xxx.yaml >

So, the questions are two.

  1. my sentencepiece tokenizer embedding is float. How can i resolve the int error?
  2. When training stopped by accident or I want to train more some
    what is the command to start training from the some ?

I’ll look forward to any opinion.

    Alternative solution: Converting SentencePiece vocabularies in OpenNMT-py - #2 by ymoslem

NB, “embedding” is not the right terminology here, these are probability scores from the sentencepiece model.

  1. the train_from argument is what you’re looking for.
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Thank you so much about clear answer!!!
I can resolve custom sentencepiece problem with tools/spm_to_vocab in your link
and train_from argument is also exact one!

can i ask one more question?
About the pad, unk, bos,eos things in opennmt.

Here is my sentencepiece training argument.

" --character_coverage=0.9995" +
    " --model_type=unigram" +
    " --max_sentence_length=99999" + 
    " --pad_id=0 --pad_piece=[PAD]" + 
    " --unk_id=1 --unk_piece=[UNK]" + 
    " --bos_id=2 --bos_piece=[BOS]" + 
    " --eos_id=3 --eos_piece=[EOS]" + 
    " --user_defined_symbols=[SEP],[CLS],[MASK]")

So the vocab of tokenizer training is the next

[PAD]	0
[UNK]	0
[BOS]	0
[EOS]	0
[SEP]	0
[CLS]	0
[MASK]	0
▁the	-3.50167
,	-3.93785
▁.	-4.09442
▁of	-4.12455

But I have heard that unk, eos things are already prepared in onmt.
Is it means that the lines(1~7) in vocab are unnecessary?
or something?