First OpenNMT Workshop in Paris - Registration is open!

We (@srush, and myself) are considering organising a first OpenNMT workshop in Paris on March 1-3.

The idea would be have few general presentation session on OpenNMT, invited speakers talking about their experience using OpenNMT for their business/research, hands on session presenting new cool features that will be already/soon released, discussions on the roadmap/community management/support models and whatever other cool topic you would like to bring.

We would like to know your thoughts about this - and please forward around to anyone interested so that we know…

Would you attend?

  • Certainly not :angry: !
  • Yes of course :v:
  • Possible to attend through visioconf :computer: ?
  • Not sure

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If not - what is the main blocking criterion:

  • too short notice
  • too far and travel is expensive
  • not interested to meet the community :grin:
  • can not take time off
  • dates are not good

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What is the (tentative) venue?

@jean.senellart - Thanks for setting this up; travel to Paris is probably too difficult to set up, but thanks for all the info that is provided on this forum. It is extremely helpful as we are in the process of migrating to the new NMT model.

Nestor Rychtyckyj

Other commitments permitting I’d certainly be interested :slight_smile:

Hi, I think it is a great idea and if it happens, I would be very interested to attend the WS. @jean.senellart @srush, once it is decided, can you then confirm the dates and a tentative program.

Regards, Mihael

Dear all,

thanks your vote. Here it is - registration is open: !

We are still working on the details program that will be shared very soon, but if you intend to register, please do it soon! Note that we have also some possibility to cover some expenses for students - fill free to send us a request at

Looking forward to see you in Paris!

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Interesting workshop !

Could you share more information about the Hackathon in second day ?


Hi all, the program for the workshop is now available on the website - there will probably still be few adjustments but this gives a global idea. We are having more requests than what we initially thought and had to close the registration. We will be recording the day so that everybody can catch-up.
During the hackathon, several sessions will be proposed from hands-on trainings, to advanced sessions for developers, and we will also propose several “one-day” projects for kicking-off collaborative development of new features or side-projects. Bring your own requests/ideas too and we will try to make the best out of the day.


If you could come to the United States, I could absolutely attend. If you could come to Utah specifically, I could have a number of people attend.

We posted a survey to better know your expectations for this workshop:

Dear OpenNMT workshop participants,

We are only few hours away to the OpenNMT workshop.

In order for us to better address your questions and expectations of OpenNMT forum, please take 5 minutes to fill out the pre-event survey. Your thoughts and feedbacks will be much appreciated to gain the most insight, even if you cannot make it tomorrow. Email addresses are optional and all information will be used for the event only.

Click, enter the event code “X049,” join, and go to the “Polls” tab. Please complete the survey by tonight Paris time if possible.

Please refer to for tomorrow’s schedule. The registration starts at 08:30 AM.


The OpenNMT workshop organizers