Errors when trying to load model exported by OpenNMT-tf

Hello, I tried to build a model using OpenNMT-tf and trained the model with exporters set to “best”.
Since the “best” checkpoint was not saved, I tried to load the .pb file using tensorflow.

Then I ran the script below:

import tensorflow as tf

def load_graph(frozen_graph_filename):
   with tf.gfile.GFile(frozen_graph_filename, “rb”) as f:
      graph_def = tf.GraphDef()
   with tf.Graph().as_default() as graph:
     tf.import_graph_def(graph_def, name=“prefix”)
   return graph

load_graph(the address of saved_model.pb)

But when I ran this script, I got the following Error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File “”, line 24, in
  File “”, line 15, in load_graph
google.protobuf.message.DecodeError: Error parsing message

When using the exported model, is there anything else that should be done?


What do you want to achieve more precisely?

Here’s how the saved model should be loaded:

I wanted to load the exported model (.pb) to do the inference.