Download deen_ctranslate2 model


Currently, I am using decoding feature ‘Alternative at position’ of ende_ctranslate2 and it is running successfully when i give en_source and de_target sentence.
But when I am doing reverse (de-en), did not get expected results.

So, should I download another deen_ctranslat2 model?. If yes could you please advice me from where I can download.

Thank you


There is no pretrained German-English model that is compatible with CTranslate2.

You can train your own model using either OpenNMT-py or OpenNMT-tf.

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Hi @guillaumekln,

Thanks for your reply.
Can I use the joeynmt train model with ctranslate2 because I had already train a joeynmt model from de-en.


No, other frameworks are not supported.

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