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Does Video tutorials of ACL 2016 on Machine Translation are available on Internet?

I was going through tutorial page

There is list of tutorials on this page-

Tutorial Content
Introduction - 30mins (Chris Manning)

  • Traditional approaches: statistical MT.
  • Hybrid approaches: neural network components.
  • End-to-end approaches: neural machine translation.

Basic NMT - 60mins (Kyunghyun Cho)

  • Recurrent language modeling
  • Training: maximum likelihood estimation with backpropagation through time.
  • Conditional recurrent language modeling: Encoder-Decoder.
  • Decoding strategies

Coffee Break - 30min

Advanced NMT - 60mins (Thang Luong)

  • Extending the vocabulary coverage.
  • Learning alignment: attention mechanism.
  • Handling language variations: character-level translation.
  • Tips & tricks: batching, ensembling.

Closing - 30mins (Chris Manning)

  • Multi-task learning.
  • Unsupervised learning with monolingual data.
  • Future of NMT.

Where can I find this turorials?

In Section “Slides” there is a link for you to download a PDF file. I am not sure if there is any video to it, if that is what you are looking for.

Thanks @marcos.zed
I got PDF but I was looking for video tutorials.

I am interested in the videos too … Some slides appear in the Stanford course on NLP with deep learning by Manning/Socher, for which videos are available.

Can you please share if you have any video links