Deploy models on an open source platform?

I am currently working on an Abkhazian-Russian model, which will be available as an open source once it’s in a usable state.

Is there an open source platform similar to, where I can simply deploy the model and make it available for usage, as well as update the model periodically?

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Hi Nart!

I hope I got your question right. If you mean you need a server and GUI, here is how to create the server “Simple OpenNMT-py REST server” and here is how to create the GUI “Machine Translation Web Interface”.

This is for “deploy”. As for “update”, it is something to do with OpenNMT-py itself. Search the forum for things like “retraining” and “incremental training”.

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Hello Yasmin,
I meant it would be nice to have an open source platform, a fully fledged service such as apertium, where people can deploy their models there, and be able to update the model with a better version once available.
I am a ware of the links that you have shared, I am using the GUI for the time being, appreciated!


I’m not sure if this is exactly what you’re looking for but I’ve been working on a Python Tkinter GUI for running OpenNMT models. Currently it looks for models in a directory so its pretty easy to install your own arbitrary models. Right now I’m focusing on getting enough models trained to have a usable application but I’d like to add a more robust packaging system at some point in the future.

Hello Argos,
Thank you for the link.
I’m looking for a platform that is already hosted so someone would just train a model upload the model and that’s it.
I didn’t find such a thing for NMT models, so I started working on a GUI, currently using Angular 10.
@Bachstelze and I are currently working on an open source project including creating tools to preprocess corpuses, training models and deploying them.
Here are some links:


Interesting, good luck!