CUDA error when using CTranslate2 library compiled on Windows

@guillaumekln Thanks a lot for adding CUDA

But I see no difference in perfomance for CTranslate2, version 2.9 (CUDA support) on GTX 1060. Any ideas why?

How are you measuring the performance? A code snippet would be helpful.

@guillaumekln Sorry, the CUDA perfomance was faster CPU.

The problem was that we have two Windows 10 machines with CUDA 11.5 and Driver version 496.13

Machine 1: Has GTX 1060 and everything works well.

Machine 2: Has GTX 1660 and we got this error.

I thought you were using the Python library, but it seems you compiled your own binary Lingvanex.CTranslator2.Test.exe, is that right? If yes, how did you compile this binary and the CTranslate2 library?